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It could be data recovery, or extraction of certain data to prove your civil matter, or a suspicion that your computer might be used by an unauthorised person. We can assist to investigate these and provide the findings to you.

An individual client tasked us to perform analysis on his Macbook to produce a report for his court proceedings. We were able to collect and extract information relating to unauthorised access to his personal computer. Our team produced a report relating to this findings which allowed the client to reinforce his case in court.

Small Businesses

Malware incident response investigations, data forensic investigations, data review platform use. We can provide a wide variety of digital data services to the small businesses who need a partner they can trust to assist in these sensitive areas of concern. Our approach will ensure the complete confidentiality of the invesitgation and we strive to provide the most comprehensive service to suit your needs

Our collaboration with a financial investigation firm led us to collect and analyse 3 computers as part of a compulsory liquidation order. We performed filtered extraction to reduce the dataset for our clients. This data is then uploaded to our cloud based review platform Zylab for our clients to perform keyword searching and document review.

Law firms

Our forensic data collection practices and eDiscovery services helps to provide you and and your clients with a holistic approach towards digital data mangement for litigation use. We use a wide variety of tehcniques to ensure the integirty and completeness of the data we collect. The availability of the eDiscovery platform and the feature set provides investigators with enhanced capabilities to review through large datasets with a high degree of accruacy.

We were contacted by a law firm whom has a client that suspects that an employee is involled in unfair market practices and misconduct. To ensure that this investigation was done discreetly, we had to collect the device off hours to reduce the suspicion of the custodian. Through our analysis, it is discovered that the custodian has been colluding with various institutions for pricing and competitve advantages. Our analysis and report helped our clients to facilitate a smooth handover of duties.

Private Companies

In the event of any incident, especially security malware incidents, it is important to identify and determine the depth of attack within the organisation. This is to reduce the dwell time of the attacker within the systems and prevent further loss of information. Our team can assist to perform triage across the organisation and weed out the intrusion symptoms and root cause for you to implement measures to secure your systems.

In a certain restructuring proceeding, we were engaged by a third party involved as the liquidator to perform forensic acquisition of devices. This allows the liquidator to then process and analyse the data as necessary for litigation. The purpose of this matter is to determine if there is any breach of fiduciary duties. Our team conducted acqusitions of over 50 devices ranging from data in the cloud, servers, printer and desktops.

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As a large corporation, there are many areas of concern in the realms of data protection, data privacy and regulations. We can assist in various forms of digital investigations for the purposes of fulfiling any regulatory needs or to answer any internal investigations relating to misuse or loss of confidential information. Our eDiscovery services allows us to scale quickly to provide you with an intuitive platform suitable for legal professionals to find the information required for any case use.

A German manufacturing company has a suspicion that an employee whom has recently left the company could have taken along confidential documents with him. We were thus engaged to perform a due diligence forensic investigations into the employee's computer. We found many instances of data being tranferred to and from external USB devices. Through the uncovering and identification of such USB devices, we are able to work out an agreement to remove all confidential files from the ex eomployee's USB devices